Why YourParkingSpace chose Trustpilot to stay true to its customer service mission

Tuesday 21 May 2019

YourParkingSpace is an online marketplace designed to make it simple to park your car. With YourParkingSpace, car owners can find hourly, daily, and monthly parking spaces for rent UK-wide.

With their easy-to-use app and great customer service, they’ve achieved an amazing 4.6/5 TrustScore from over 25,000 reviews!

To better understand how YourParkingSpace leverages Trustpilot reviews to revolutionise parking in the UK, we spoke with Tamar Sakadjian, Brand Marketing Director.

Trustpilot: Why was trust important to you before coming to Trustpilot?

Tamar Sakadjian: As a start-up disrupting an industry that has remained stagnant in processes, we frequently found ourselves defending the modern digital pre-book concept to car park operators and other commercial clients.

Rather than battling archaic perceptions in the boardroom, we found the power in showcasing trust and user experience to senior managers and decision-makers far outweighed the infant case studies we had.

Trustpilot: How do you collect reviews from your clients through the use of your app?

TS: At the end of a booking, we send a push notification to drivers, and ask them to review the space they just parked in. This push notification is followed up by an email and reminder email if the review has not been made, providing 3 touchpoints in an effort to obtain some insightful feedback.

Yourparkingspace app

Trustpilot: Are there multiple departments or teams using Trustpilot?

TS: Our Quality Control team manage our Trustpilot reviews and report on the issues and solutions we’ve provided over the course of the month, supported by technological recommendations as well as process and policy recommendations off the back of the reviews. These reports are provided to senior management each month, who then review the recommendations, and implement the relevant suggestions.

Our Business Development department also use any feedback about a commercial location (product review) to optimise our relationships. For example, reviews about a complicated entry or exit process for a driver are used to approach our commercial partners for direct integrations between their barrier technology and our booking platform.

Trustpilot: How do you use Trustpilot reviews to build trust, grow, and innovate?

TS: Our CEO, Harrison Woods, promotes our Trustpilot reviews via his email signature:

“See YourParkingSpace Clients and check out our Trustpilot reviews. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀”

We also showcase our great star rating on our homepage and parking pages. And we have a section on our homepage that is dedicated to showcasing our Trustpilot reviews.

homepage reviews yourparking space trustpilot
trustpilot reviews yourparkingspace

From time to time, we share selected Trustpilot reviews across our social media channels. It’s a great way to share social proof and remind our followers what our existing customers think of our service.

yourparkingspace twitter
In order to deliver our vision of revolutionising the way drivers park in the UK, we have to be spectacularly user-centric.

We need to listen and understand both the parts of the service that our users’ value, as well as the common pain points in order to develop actionable insights for the development of our platform.

Our biggest advancement came from the common grievance of on-site staff at commercial partner locations being unfamiliar with the pre-book initiative managed by top-level management within the organisation. This caused frustrations on arrival, and added demand from our Customer Happiness team - a less than seamless experience overall.

YourParkingSpace leveraged these reviews in conjunction with revenue forecasts to convey the importance of a direct integration with legacy technology at the car park. Our pre-book platform integrates directly with any parking management system, feeding all booking details through to the onsite technology, and identifying pre-book customers as authorised vehicles without the need of human intervention.

Trustpilot: Have you measured any improvements from leveraging reviews across your marketing channels?

TS: User reviews are crucial to the development of the YourParkingSpace platform and have significantly improved the overall service quality we deliver.

Our rapid growth in both booking numbers and space listings came unsurprisingly as a result of positive social proof magnified by the use of Trustpilot as a ‘trust symbol’.

Notable improvements made to our service have been:

  1. Introduction of a refund and cancellation policy to pre-set expectations for both Driver and Space Owner and keep our customer service levels consistent.

  2. Overhaul of our communication strategy including transactional emails, text message notifications and application push notifications, guiding both Drivers and Space Owners every step of the way.

  3. Assembled a dedicated Quality Control team to monitor, listen and action feedback from our users, as well as tighten listing checks in-house to ensure a high quality of new locations are being made available for bookings.

Trustpilot: What are your challenges going forward as a business?

TS: Supplying the demand of drivers that need a parking space will be one of our challenges moving forward as a business. Building our inventory at the rate of demand will be difficult, however, our growing brand presence and commercial partnerships with property giants such as Whitbread Plc, Regus Group Plc and Tesco Supermarkets, will provide us with the platform to grow the number of available parking spaces at a far quicker rate, illustrating the importance of our commercial relationships within our mission to revolutionise parking in the UK.

Overcoming resistance from traditional parking operators is another notable challenge, and one in which Trustpilot plays a pivotal role. Traditional companies within the sector can sometimes view YourParkingSpace as a threat to their business as opposed to embracing the technology solutions we provide, and identifying YourParkingSpace as an enabler. We enable traditional and offline car parks to continue their business in the future, the digital revolution.

Keeping up with industry advancements and environmental duty of care is our most exciting challenge. EV, driverless vehicles, smart cities, making sure that we are embracing technological advancements within the industry, and developing our service in line with consumer and environmental demand is a challenge we enjoy facing every day.

Find out more about YourParkingSpace, or download their app today.

With so much commitment to Trustpilot, YourParkingSpace is securing a trusted, transparent future. Isn’t it time you joined them?


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