Review Insights

Make data-driven decisions, instantly

Discover actionable insights and learn how to build a better business from your customers.

Trutpilot Review Insights

Did you know?

Trustpilot's AI has analyzed more than 34 million reviews and discovered 87 million customer sentiments.

Sentiment Analysis

Learn exactly how your customers feel

With Trustpilot's AI doing the heavy lifting, you'll find customer satisfaction and pain points automatically. Our AI engine pulls customer sentiments from your reviews, so you can see what's keeping 4-stars from being 5-stars.

Trustpilot's Sentiment Analysis tool
Industry Topics

Solve issues before they become problems

When you see dramatic changes in customer satisfaction, you can dive deeper into each topic to understand the trend and learn how to react better.

Industry Topics in Trustpilot's Review Insights tool

Your digest of the most important trends

Influence change within your company through data-driven decisions, delivered to you as a monthly customer insights report.

Trustpilot's evolution in sentiment insights

How it works

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1. Invite customers to share their feedback with a review

Reviews are the simplest form of conversation with your customers. That conversation will not only strengthen their loyalty, but it will also help you learn how can you make your product or service better.

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2. An AI automatically sorts customer feedback to specific topics

Our AI is built to save you time and effort, make you more productive, and provide you with support to improve your business.

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3. You will receive a report if there is an emerging trend

You can dive deeper into each topic to make proactive decisions that will benefit your business. But, in case you don’t have time for analysis, we will provide you a report on important issues and emerging trends.

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Read how uses an AI to analyze over 4.000 reviews each month.

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Trustpilot Review Tagging feature
Review TaggingReview Tagging

Find key insights for your business with Tags. Tagging lets you categorize your ratings and reviews by employee, team, branch, vendor, sentiment, or any category that relevant for your business.

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Trustpilot company service review
Service ReviewsService Reviews

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Find out what your customers really think of your business.

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