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Stand out in search results

Improve your search ranking and increase paid and organic traffic in one fell swoop by enhancing your website with review content.

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Did you know?

Review stars in search can improve click-through rates up to 35%. Don't miss out on your share of these clicks!

* According to an original study by ConversionXL

Unlock referral traffic

Turn your profile page into a driver of free traffic

Trustpilot profile pages tend to appear on the first page of search results thanks to our domain authority and the SEO power of trusted third-party reviews.

Once prospective customers land on your Trustpilot page, they’re likely to click directly to your website — which could help you earn up to 500% more free referral traffic.

Google Seller Ratings

Improve Google Ads and Google Shopping performance

We're an official Google Review Partner, so reviews collected through Trustpilot's automated invitations count toward your Google Seller Rating.

This means your product ratings will show up in search results, helping you drive up to 10% more clicks from your Google Ads and Google Shopping listings at no extra cost.

Review Snippets

Boost organic traffic with star ratings

Our simple SEO widgets and eCommerce integrations make it easy to index review data on your product pages, allowing them to appear in search results with eye-catching review snippets that will appeal to everyone — even those who won’t click on ads.

The result? Up to 35% more clicks to your site.

Rank for more long tail keywords

Improve on-site SEO

When customers leave a review, they create additional content for your site. Their Product Reviews add thousands of relevant keywords to your product pages, which can help your site appear in more search results.

Additional Features

Google Shopping Integration

If you have Google Shopping campaigns, Trustpilot adds stars to your product listings, giving you more credibility, traffic and sales. Improve your Shopping campaign results quickly with our integration tool that requires no adjustments to your shopping feed.

Bing Merchant Reviews

Add stars to your Microsoft Ads to stand out from the competition. Bing Merchant Reviews can make your ads more appealing and improve CTR and sales.

Social Sharing

Share your favorite reviews on every social network using Trustpilot’s Image Generator. Quickly and easily turn your best reviews into attention-grabbing images that stand out on social media.

How it works

1. Add company info to your Trustpilot Profile page

By adding more information about your company, you not only help educate customers about who you are, but you can appear in more search results, often with Rich Snippet stars.

2. Qualify for Google Seller Ratings

When you reach 100 verified reviews with a minimum rating of 3.5 over 12 months, your business can qualify for Google Seller Ratings.

3. Add Product Review widgets to your site for more content and Rich Snippet stars

Display Trustpilot Product Reviews on your site. Product Review TrustBoxes can both generate Rich Snippet stars in search results, and add the review content to your site for a keyword boost.

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Service Reviews

Join the conversation

Every two seconds, a new review is written on Trustpilot’s consumer-facing site. Collecting reviews on Trustpilot gives your current and future customers a place to learn about fellow shoppers’ experiences with your business.

Product Reviews

Make "Add To Cart" an easy choice

Share product reviews throughout your site to create confidence wherever shoppers are thinking about making a purchase. Match them to the look and feel of your brand, and include customer photos and product attributes.

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Location Reviews

Connect with local customers

Learn more about your locations and drive new business to all of your stores by collecting location-specific reviews. Location profile pages appear higher in local search results, driving more traffic to your site and more shoppers to your stores.

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