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Free users: How showcasing reviews with Trustpilot helps you grow your business

Wednesday 29 May 2024
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What better way to highlight your strengths than through authentic customer testimonials? Products with 5+ reviews are 270% more likely to sell than those with none, and displaying customer reviews increases ecommerce conversion rates by 67%.

Why is Trustpilot a great way to showcase your business excellence?

At Trustpilot, we're a powerhouse of consumer voices. With over 238 million reviews powering our platform, we've analyzed customer experiences across nearly a million websites worldwide. This vast pool of data grants Trustpilot a unique position: we can offer businesses a powerful tool – the Trustpilot star.

But what does this mean for your business? By displaying a Trustpilot badge alongside your customer reviews, you unlock the power of Badge Value. As Bain & Company's B2C Elements of Value framework explains, Badge Value represents any element that signifies achieved status or aspirations.

In this context, Trustpilot's Badge Value is the undeniable association with authenticity and trustworthy reviews.  This is critical in today's market, where 86% of consumers say authenticity is vital when choosing which brands to support.

A Trustpilot badge is a stamp of approval from millions of satisfied customers. It instantly tells potential customers that you're a business they can trust, one that values customer feedback and prioritizes delivering a positive experience.

Beyond our signature star logo, Trustpilot services also provide brand awareness, increased customer purchase confidence, improved conversion rates, and better consumer engagement. 

As a Free Plan user, how can Trustpilot help you showcase your business better?

How can you use the free UGC (User-Generated Content) Trustpilot reviews to boost your brand across your audience bases?

Trustpilot empowers you to easily share and showcase valuable customer reviews, TrustScore, and star ratings. This transparency demonstrates your commitment to feedback and can fuel a cycle of positive reviews.

More reviews, more growth: By prominently displaying your reviews, you encourage both existing and potential customers to leave feedback. This creates a snowball effect, building trust and attracting new customers who value authenticity.

Free plan powerhouse: Review Collector

With the Free plan, you can leverage the Review Collector TrustBox. This handy tool encourages customers to leave feedback after purchasing, generating a steady stream of valuable reviews.

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Upgrade and unlock the power of TrustBoxes

As you move further into your journey with Trustpilot. Our library of TrustBox widgets opens up and goes beyond simply displaying your reviews and Trustpilot information.

These customizable tools seamlessly integrate with your website and marketing materials, maximizing the impact of your customer feedback.

Responsive design, big results: All TrustBoxes are responsive, adapting to any screen size for a smooth user experience. A/B testing by major insurance broker Protect Line showed a 14% increase in click-through rate on pages with TrustBoxes – a powerful testament to their effectiveness.

Advanced widgets for growth: For businesses seeking to maximize their conversion rates, increase basket size, and reduce cart abandonment, Trustpilot offers a range of premium widget options. Let's explore some exciting examples:

Carousel: This dynamic widget showcases your star rating and number of reviews, allowing visitors to browse your latest reviews and easily filter by rating or tags.

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Product mini & mini MultiSource:  These widgets provide a clear overview of your products and their Trustpilot ratings. Hovering over them reveals a breakdown of review distribution for a deeper dive. The MultiSource version even lets you integrate reviews from other platforms.

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Product reviews gallery:  Bring your customer reviews to life with photos and videos. This visually engaging widget showcases a collection of user-generated content, further enhancing trust and building stronger customer relationships.

product reviews gallery

Key takeaways

  • Trustpilot widgets help boost conversions: TrustBox widgets make it easy for customers to leave reviews and access your Trustpilot profile. A/B testing shows a 14% CTR increase on pages with TrustBoxes.

  • More reviews, more growth:  Encouraging customer reviews creates a positive feedback loop.  Positive reviews attract new customers who value authenticity.

  • Showcasing = highlighting strengths: In business, showcasing means strategically presenting your brand's best qualities to a target audience. This increases visibility and creates a positive impression that drives growth.

  • Customer reviews = powerful showcasing: Authentic reviews act as powerful testimonials. Businesses with positive reviews see significant sales and conversion boosts compared to those without.

  • Trustpilot badge = Badge Value: Trustpilot's badge signifies authenticity and trustworthy reviews, which are crucial for today's consumers. It acts as a "stamp of approval" from satisfied customers, building trust and confidence.

Trust gets results. Let our experts show you how.


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