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How Trustpilot reviews drive sales across Europe

Wednesday 17 April 2024
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Social proof is effective universally because it incites the same motivator across continents, languages, and cultures—trust. Research indicates that social proof ‘nudges’ are gaining traction as practical tools for influencing behavior.

Among the various forms of social proof, reviews stand out as a powerful tool. They not only complement but also surpass other types of social proof, with 86% of consumers considering verified reviews as a crucial factor in their purchase decisions.

By strategically presenting options, such as showcasing trusted customer reviews alongside a product, we can steer consumer decisions using the comfort of authentic experiences. 

Don’t just take our word for it; 70% of all Internet users rely on third-party reviews before purchasing online. 

We wanted to explore this concept further in the European markets, so Trustpilot commissioned London Research to survey 3,000 European consumers in France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands (750 per market) in December 2023. 

The survey included questions about sources of information and touchpoints used during the buying process, specifically about Trustpilot.

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We discovered a significant preference for Trustpilot reviews over those from local platforms in online advertising examples. 

The findings: European consumers are nearly three times more likely to click on an online ad featuring the Trustpilot logo and stars than those without.

A deeper look at country-specific insights:

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France: We compared Trustpilot with Avis Vérifiés, a reputable review software company based in Marseilles. Interestingly, French consumers were 20% more likely to click on a Trustpilot co-branded ad showcasing a five-star rating, 3,000+ reviews, and a customer testimonial than an identical ad from Avis Vérifiés. This suggests Trustpilot might have stronger brand recognition and potentially a more robust review verification process that resonates with French consumers.

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Italy: Here, Trustpilot was pitted against Feedaty, a popular platform serving nearly 2,000 Italian businesses. The results were clear: Italian consumers were 1.7 times more likely to click on a Trustpilot co-branded ad with the same positive attributes mentioned above. This further emphasizes the potential influence of Trustpilot's brand presence and established reputation for reliable reviews.

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The Netherlands: Finally, we compared Trustpilot with Kiyoh, a review platform trusted by nearly 4,000 Dutch businesses. Dutch consumers displayed an even stronger preference, with a 2.2 times higher click-through rate on Trustpilot co-branded ads featuring positive ratings, a high volume of reviews, and customer testimonials. This significant difference suggests Trustpilot might be the go-to platform for Dutch consumers seeking trustworthy reviews.

Overall, the results suggest that Trustpilot has higher brand recognition and trust than the local review platforms in these European countries. Consumers seem to value the sheer volume of reviews on Trustpilot. 

Case study snapshots - the power of Trustpilot reviews in advertising

Recent studies have proven that including Trustpilot reviews and ratings improves advertising performance. Take AO, a popular electronic retailer in the UK, which initiated multiple advertising campaigns over peak shopping periods, including Trustpilot in all ad types. 

AO’s Brand Response TV (BRTV) and digital video channels used two “trust frames”, including the Trustpilot logo and star rating, alongside the category rank claim "one of the most trusted major electrical retailers.”

Once Trustpilot was included in the creative, AO saw a 10 percentage point increase in brand confidence, perceived worth, and the feeling that it meets category needs among 35-64 year-olds. At the same time, 18-34-year-olds saw a 33 percentage point increase in trust-seeking mentality from the AO Trustpilot creative. 

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In static advertising, Trustpilot was featured in all holiday promotions, such as gifting print adverts. AO also signs off on radio ads across linear radio and digital audio with the consistent message of "one of the UK's most trusted electrical retailers.”

These methods resulted in 0.6 million Google impressions and over 91K views on AO’s Trustpilot profile page in one year. 

KLEIR, a Belgium-based clothing brand, conducted an extensive test confirming Trustpilot reviews' power and influence.

Here’s an overview of what the test consisted of:

  • Ads on Facebook and Instagram for four weeks

  • Three ad variations: v1 with Trustpilot stars and logo, v2 with Trustpilot stars and v3 without any mention of Trustpilot

Requirement: unique reach of at least 10,000 people

The results showed that the two Trustpilot ads generated an average revenue of €61,73. This means that KLEIR earned €61,73 for every euro it spent on advertising — and for v2 alone, the revenue was a whopping €86!

Variation 3, the same ad but without any reference to Trustpilot, didn’t even come close. This ad had a ROAS of a mere €18.83.9.

This research clearly shows the power of reviews and ratings as social proof. With its established brand recognition, robust review process, and vast pool of reviews, Trustpilot emerges as a leader in the European market. 

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In our recent EU Consumer Report, The value of ratings in advertising for European businesses, we dive deeper into the many other ways reviews, especially Trustpilot reviews, influence consumer behaviour across European countries. 

Key takeaways for businesses

  • Leverage the power of social proof, particularly verified online reviews, to build trust and credibility with European consumers.

  • Prioritize building a strong presence on Trustpilot. Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and actively respond to both positive and negative feedback.

  • Integrate Trustpilot reviews and ratings into your marketing and advertising campaigns. This is not about marketing vs advertising; reviews are helpful in both.  Consider incorporating Trustpilot's TrustScore, star ratings, and customer testimonials into online ads and other marketing materials.

 You seem to be great at getting attention. Now, let’s turn that into sales. Chat with us.


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