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Social proof in email marketing is easier than ever with Trustpilot’s Klaviyo integration

Tuesday 10 November 2020
Trustpilot and Klaviyo, partnership announcement

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools businesses have to drive sales and customer lifetime value.

Like every marketing channel, email performs better when it proves the business is trusted by consumers. With the power of your existing customers’ voices, you can get closer to consumers, and win new customers.

This is why we wanted to make it even easier for our business users to feature their reviews in email campaigns. As one of the most popular email service providers in the fast-growing eCommerce sector, Klaviyo was the obvious choice for our integration.

Here’s how it works

The integration is easy to use. After connecting your accounts, customize the Trustpilot widget for Klaviyo newsletters. Select the review type (service or product), star-rating threshold, and keyword content that you want to display in newsletters. Drop this widget into your Klaviyo newsletters, and send. Any time email recipients open the email, they’ll see the most recent reviews that match your settings, as well as your current TrustScore.

Klaviyo Trustpilot integration

Using the integration for social proof in email marketing

Review content in email campaigns can make a meaningful difference at critical points of the customer journey. In fact, 82% of consumers report that ratings and reviews in email marketing can make them more likely to make a purchase.

We tell our business users to add reviews to welcome campaigns to grow trust at the beginning of the customer journey, in cart abandonment emails to bring them closer to the sale, and in winback campaigns to extend LTV. Timely promotional newsletters can also benefit from the increased conversion that reviews bring.

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Ready to get started?

This integration is available to any Trustpilot Standard user with a Klaviyo account.

Follow the instructions to start now.

New to Klaviyo?

Start with a free account here.

New to Trustpilot?

Request a free demo below to get started with a Standard plan and use the integration.


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